Shotbot Deluxe

Out of curiosity I bought an Arduino kit for beginners. Okay, it's for kids... But already at the first testing I was really thrilled – there's so much you can do with it! To learn more about it, I started the Shotbot Project. Now I'm trying to make it work. Somehow. 🙈


The idea

Quite simple: A gripper arm with hose and pump that is digitally controlled via Arduino to automatically fill up glasses. In theory. The implementation is a bit more complicated...


Part 1: The gripper arm

The first challenge. Can I assemble something so complex? It's my first time with an Arduino... and after a few hours the answer: Yeah! Not everything works perfectly, but it works. Who would have thought that?


Part 2: Under water

A silicone hose and a small dosing pump - that's it. Only the power supply is a little tricky, I have to solder. It works! The only problem: the electric circuit with voltage, resistance and so on. Time to study the basics of physics again 🤓


Part 3: To be done.

The next steps will get exciting: The pump must be connected to the Arduino to portion correctly. After that I need the code that controls and connects all parts. Will it work in the end? IDK. But stay tuned!

© Markus Knauss

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