a magazine

Founder, editor-in-chief, handy-man: Together with two friends, I founded a magazine in 2013. What started as a crazy experiment ("Print is dead!") lasted over 2 years with quarterly issues –  loved for their outstanding haptics and original character.

Each copy a unique specimen

Collector's objects to touch: Every single magazine has been hand-numbered, signed and crafted by us with a haptic cover gimmick – whether a embroidered cover, a burnable candle for the first anniversary, signets, etc. Thousands of hours of real handwork.


A Feel Good Magazin

From innovative artists to blind mountaineers: our magazine featured outstanding people and stories. Always positive, with a big portion of humor. Or as our readers used to say: "Feel Good Entertainment".


Around the clock

Instead of page numbers, the reader was guided by times. This is also how we placed the stories: the interview breakfast with the athlete at the beginning of the magazine, the nightly portrait about the DJ at the end of the issue.

Digitaler First Mover

In addition to new formats, we were one of the first magazines in Europe to use Augmented Reality as a form of storytelling. For this, we cooperated with the Dutch company Layar. Back in 2013!


New issue, new party

We were young and needed the parties. For every new release we threw a special one – with good music and a lot of fun. What a time... ❤️


We were also able to convince internationally, for example at the renowned site "coverjunkies" - alongside magazines such as The New Yorker, Time Magazine or Vogue.


© Markus Knauss

1% will be donated to charitable causes ✌️