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Lufthansa AR WALL – a mixed reality experience in the heart of New York City

Agency: Accenture SONG // Role: start to end

The Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces campaign inspires people all over the world to discover new places. To kick-off the campaign in the USA, we let people experience the feeling of discovering something new by themselves – through an immersive mixed-reality experience with a unique shareability: the Lufthansa AR WALL.

Sound of Seefeld – outdoor vacation in a whole new way

Agency: -stoff- // Role: Ideation & Concept

Whether podcasts, audiobooks or smart speakers: Audio is deeply established in our everyday life. Natural sounds for relaxing or falling asleep are not only a million-clicked trend, their positive effects are also scientifically proven.

For the new campaign of the Olympic Region Seefeld, we captured these natural sounds and made the region audible & tangible in a new way – with one relaxed click on YouTube, Spotify, Apple or Amazon Music. 

Zalando – digital first campaign with sunny vibes

Agency: Accenture SONG // Role: Concept & Copies

The last years were anything but normal. Instead of experiencing liberation, we were stuck at home. But summer was not canceled. In our campaign we showed a new summer full of optimism and creativity, where style isn’t fashion but also a form of local escapism – to create a once-in-a-lifetime summer together, no matter the circumstances. Summer is ours!

Golden Toast – a freshly baked social media presence

Agency: La Red // Role: Ideas, Concepts, Copies

How does an old fashioned grandma brand become the social media darling of all grandchildren? Quite simple: Through a new and modern brand identity, delicious content as well as minimal but targeted use of media. That's exactly what we developed for Golden Toast – with a lot of humor and continuous interaction rates from 8 to 20 percent. (German only)


Lufthansa Global – Say Yes to a new communication

Agency: Accenture SONG // Role: Concepts & Copies

Nowadays, traveling is less a tourist activity, but more a real self-experience – in a world where endless adventures are waiting. And it is precisely this curiosity, this openness, this “yes” to new experiences that Lufthansa celebrates in its global communications. In every channel and format.



Lieken Urkorn – a delicious relaunch for everybody

Agency: LA RED // Role: Concept, IA, UX-Writing

Bread is having a big comeback at the moment. For Germany's biggest baked goods brand Lieken Urkorn, we celebrated this with a fresh corporate identity, a tasty new social media strategy and a modern website. Mobile first, of course - and with foodporn on all channels. Yummy! (German only)

More work

McDonald’s (coming soon) // Future Fuels Experience (IA, Wireframing & UX-Writing) // Lufthansa PR stunt for the European Election // BOSCH Service Solutions campaign // TV & cinema commercials PiCK UP! // The Circle launch campaign (B2B/B2C) // SummitLynx brand strategy // RUAG Space USA launch // Wech coloring book // and much more ...

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