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Most people call me knaussi. I’m a Freelance Creative  – ideas, concepts and UX.

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Lufthansa AR Wall

// Digital Experience for Lufthansa (2019)

The Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces campaign inspires people all over the world to discover new places. To kick-off the campaign in the USA, we let people experience the feeling of discovering something new by themselves – through an immersive mixed-reality experience with a unique shareability: the Lufthansa AR WALL.

Summer is ours

// Social First Campaign for Zalando

The year 2020 was anything but normal. Instead of experiencing liberation, we were stuck at home. But summer was not canceled. In our campaign we showed a new summer full of optimism and creativity, where style isn’t fashion but also a form of local escapism – to create a once-in-a-lifetime summer together, no matter the circumstances. Summer is ours!

For Instagram and TikTok we created custom formats.

Sound of Seefeld

// Campaign for Olympic Region Seefeld, Austria

Whether podcast, audiobooks or smart speaker: Audio is deeply established in our everyday life. Natural sounds for relaxing or falling asleep are not only a million-clicked trend, their positive effects are also scientifically proven.

For the new campaign of the Olympic Region Seefeld, we captured exactly such natural sounds and made the region audible & tangible in a completely new way.

PiCK UP! Cinema & TV Spots

// Content Specific Commercials for PiCK UP! Germany

Bye bye one-fits-all-mechanic, hello variety! Instead of pressing a single commercial into various placements, we produced several TV & cinema ads that refer to actual topics or the following film. But what still remains: the original PiCK UP! humor and the yellow wall.

More PiCK UP! spots (German only) >>

Global Price Campaign

// Communication Concept for Lufthansa (Jan 2020)

Nowadays, traveling is less a tourist activity, but more a real self-experience – in a world where endless adventures are waiting. And it is precisely this curiosity, this openness, this “yes” to new experiences that Lufthansa celebrates in its global communications. In every channel and format.

Who the fuck is knaussi?

Markus Knauss: Freelance Creative from Austria  (yep: Schnitzel, Sissi & Schwarzenegger 😉) // worked in Berlin and Hamburg for the last years ⚓️ // bookable worldwide 🌍

I gained my skills and experiences from great people at Kolle Rebbe / Accenture Interactive, Scholz & Friends, LA RED, MetaDesign Berlin and many others I was honored to work for. Or picked it up at my Journalism & PR Bachelor’s degree.

And yes, I also won some Awards (ADC, Webby etc.)

Don’t be shy say hi 👋

Phone: +49 157 385 378 77



My curiosity about new things and technologies doesn’t end with work. I love to learn and explore new things. Whatever comes out of it, you find here. Currently only in German!

a magazine

Together with 2 friends I founded a magazine in 2013. What started as an experiment lasted for more than two years with 9 quarterly issues that quickly became popular – thanks to their remarkable haptic and character.

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German book “Die Hoffnung der Fiktion“

At 17 I wrote the manuscript, two years later (2009) the book was published. The intention of the book is the change of the own perspective – with a kafkaesque transformation…

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Shotbot Deluxe

Some time ago, I fell in love with Arduinos. To control something analog digitally – or vice versa – is fascinating. And even though I’m a programming noob, I like to experiment with it…

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Project [raw]

Do pictures and their stories really have to go through Photoshop or some kind of filter just to look good? I don’t think so. #analoguelove

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My Bookshelf

If you travel a lot, you can’t carry all your books with you. That’s why I collect them here – with honest feedback and very personal recommendations.

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Alexa, ask…

… Knaussi Mausi what he’s doing! When Amazon introduced its smart speakers, I  spent time with Voice User Interfaces and programmed a little skill for fun.

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